About Us

Inside Style Shoppe - Creating a home where your heart belongs.

Your home should feel like a safe haven. It should be a place where you are surrounded by things that bring you joy and comfort. That’s what I hope to bring with Inside Style Shoppe.

Hi, my name is Sarah! I live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and am the owner of Inside Style Shoppe. I started this home décor store because when I looked around for home décor that fit my style, I just couldn't find it. I had a vision for inviting pieces made with real wood, that give an organic feel to a space. I was craving authenticity.

That’s when I started making my own pieces. I soon realized my handmade cookbook stands and mini display stools would be amazing to share with others, too. I started with a small Etsy shop and was blown away by the response!

I started my own website to offer more curated products, and build a stronger connection with my customers. As an interior designer, I want to provide more than just products; I want to give ideas for how to make the most of your space! I have an interior design blog to help give you decorating tips and tricks. 

Being able to help people find the right pieces to fit their own space and make it feel cozy is my passion in life. I am thrilled to be starting this journey with you all. I can’t wait to share more things that will be functional and beautiful for your home!

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